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26 Mar 2022 Posted by Melav Salih

Career journey blog

As the year is coming to an end, many of you must be scrambling to find a thesis project that interests you and thinking about what you want to do next. That’s why I thought of starting a simple ‘career journey’ blog tailored to Applied Physics in RUG. If you are studying physics, astronomy or maths, most things are probably also applicable to you.

06 Jul 2021 Posted by Charlotte Broekmeulen

Francken is sustainable!

Francken now has the Bronze Green Label by the Green Office Groningen. Special thanks to 'Charm'!

04 Mar 2021 Posted by Fraccie '20-'21

Fraccie '20-'21

Check out what the Fraccie's been up to this year!

16 Jan 2021 Posted by Melav Salih

Looking Back at 2020

The 36th board of T.F.V. 'Professor Francken' looks back at the previous year.

17 Dec 2020 Posted by Tabitha Minett

Francken Vrij Online

At the I-GMA, the 36th board proposed to the association that, instead of printing and sending the Francken Vrij to all members, we give them the option of receiving the magazine physically or digitally.

16 Nov 2020 Posted by Tabitha Minett

World Vegan Month

November is World Vegan Month and ‘Charm’ is celebrating it by posting their favourite vegan recipe on Instagram!

01 Mar 2020 Posted by Sibren Wobben

Mark Redeman; Member of Merits

Mark Redeman has become the second member in the history of Francken to receive the title 'Member of Merits'

03 Apr 2019 Posted by Joris Doting

Professor Jeff de Hosson Knighted

On Friday 29 March, our Honorary Member Prof. J.Th.M. De Hosson has been awarded the Royal Decoration of Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. He was presented with this decoration by acting Mayor Koos Wiersma of the Westerkwartier municipality directly after his valedictory lecture in the Grand Auditorium of the Academy Building

29 Oct 2018 Posted by Jeanne van Zuilen & Leon Trustram

Le Tour de Streepsysteem

Some of you may have been there during the day or heard of the event in the aftermath. So what happened exactly? In short: Jeanne ate and drank all the products in our cantine and started a fundraising for 'Stichting 113'. Some outsider notes from Leon are provided which he kept track of during the afternoon.

17 Sep 2018 Posted by Steven Groen

Straws and sustainability

It could not have gone unnoticed that the University of Groningen pays increased attention to environmental sustainability. As a study association, it is important that we adhere to our university, which means we have to adapt to the university's needs.

29 Sep 2017 Posted by Steven Groen

Borel Borel Borel Distribution

Many a mathematician, physicist or even astronomer may have heard the name: Borel (be sure to get the emphasis right). On a Monday afternoon, some Franckenmembers decided they wanted to find out who this Borel was, mostly because his name sounded so appealing to us.

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon


Achtergrond: In een grote en veeleisende consumentenmarkt loopt Philips Drachten voorop in de ontwikkeling en fabricage van diverse hu...