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29 Sep 2017 Posted by Steven Groen

Borel Borel Borel Distribution


This blog could not have been written if it weren’t for jolly Francken members, beer and Wikipedia. Bedrankt!

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon


Achtergrond: In een grote en veeleisende consumentenmarkt loopt Philips Drachten voorop in de ontwikkeling en fabricage van diverse hui...

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

Fullerene and Polymer : Non-Fullerene acceptor solar cells: which is more stable under UV exposure?

Recently, non-fullerene acceptors have been developed, opening the door for what is known in the organic photovoltaics research community...

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

Stability of organic solar cells: Relating stability to chemical structure

The novel design, through chemical engineering, of semiconductor polymers in recent years has given new breadth to the organic photovolta...

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

Water Soluble Polymer as Mediator to Transfer Grown MoS2 by CVD

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a two-dimensional (2D) material, which exhibits fascinating electronic and optoelectronic properties1 2. M...

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

Functionalization of MoS2 by alkane thiol

Two-dimensional (2D) molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) has attracted widespread attention in the materials community over the last decade beca...

14 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

April 7 - Fysica symposium 2017

Friday April 7 the NNV organises its yearly Fysica symposium. This year the symposium will take place in Groningen at De Oosterpoort. At...

13 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

Practice Sessions during third period

During the third period of this academic year, the Oefensescie will prepare again three practice sessions! As usual you can test your aca...

06 Mar 2017 Posted by Brouwcie

Acht bizarre tekens die Francken voorgoed hebben veranderd!

Ja je ziet het goed, je browser heeft niet een pagina op of een ander altijd-teleurstellende-website geladen, maar de (oude)...

06 Mar 2017 Posted by Brouwcie

Eight bizarre signs that changed Francken for good!

Yes, you’re correct, your browser did not load a webpage of some always-disappointing website, but the (old) website of your beloved asso...

30 Jan 2017 Posted by Willeke Mulder

Case study in Dwingeloo, what?!

This month I really wanted to write a blog about my astonishing experiences with doing a case study for the Foreign Excursion Committee,...

23 Jan 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

January 30 - Practice Session Linear Algebra 1

On Monday January 30 there will be the final practice session of this period. The Linear Algebra 1 practice sessionwill last from 10:00 t...