Upcoming activities

  • 21
    Francken Friday Lecture

    Sytze Tirion is doing his Master Project in Spin-Orbitt torques in 2D materials.
    For those of you who are interested, here is a very short summary of what Sytze is researching:

    In the modern world of electronics there is a largedemand for ever faster and dimensionally smaller electronics. Having efficientdata storage is one of the challenges which is part of this field.Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) requires control of themagnetization of a thin layer. A new and promising technique which has emergedto control the magnetization, is by means of Spin-Orbit torques. WhereSpin-Orbit coupling is the mechanism behind a spin accumulation which allowscontrol of the magnetization in a comparably efficient manner. In this masterproject the generation of spin-orbit torques in a sandwich of a two dimensionalmaterial and a ferromagnet is investigated.

    21 February at 17:00 Nijenborgh 4 NB5113.0002, 9747 Groningen, Netherlands
  • 23
    Deadline board application

    23 - 24 February
  • 27

    27 February at 17:00
  • 29
    Deadline for signing-up to S.L.E.F.

    29 February - 01 March
  • 03
    Intercie activity

    03 March at 17:00 Nijenborgh 4 NB5113.0002, 9747 Groningen, Netherlands
  • 05
    National Masterday

    06 - 07 March at 00:00
  • 06

    06 March at 17:00
  • 09
    Applied Physics Dinner

    Francken's yearly event for all member and staff in Applied Physics can come together and enjoy a good meal.

    09 March at 18:00 Nijenborgh 4, 9747 Groningen, Netherlands
  • 11
    Sportcie Activity

    11 March at 17:30
  • 13

    Also this year the Sjaarcie has managed to organize a party for us.

    13 - 14 March at 21:00
  • 16
    S.L.E.F. Participant's borrel

    16 March at 17:00
  • 17
    Beta Business Days

    17 March at 09:00
  • 17
    Fraccie activity

    17 March at 17:00 Franckenroom NB 5113.0002
  • 18
    Beta Business Days

    18 March at 09:00
  • 19
    Candidate Announcement Borrel

    Do you want to know which people you can yell at for the next year (or are you one of the persons that is going to be yelled at for the next year)? Come to Francken's candidate announcement borrel and find out who our representatives will be next year!

    19 March at 21:00 Café Jut & Jul, Rademarkt 5, 9711 CS Groningen, Netherlands