The study association for applied physics in Groningen

About the association

T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ is the study association for Applied Physics, connected to the University of Groningen. It is named after Groningen’s first professor of Applied Physics and is for students and staff of the applied physics departments.

It has over 700 members and organizes, among other, field trips in the Netherlands and an annual symposium and a foreign excursion. Various activities, including the introductory activities for first-year students and the Bèta-bedrijvendagen (a career event for science students), are organised in partnership with sister associations. Membership is a must for students with a technical orientation.

Preview of the latest Francken Vrij edition

The latest Francken Vrij

Francken Vrij is the popular science magazine of the Technisch Fysische Vereniging ‘Professor Francken’ and is distributed to its members, sponsors and other interested parties. The magazine has a different theme every edition that in some way has a connection to applied physics, and generally might contain the following:

  • A scientific article from one of the research groups
  • A theoretical view of something pertaining to the theme
  • The story of a member that did an internship or has started working
  • A challenging puzzle

Below you can download the latest edition of the Francken Vrij, or go to the archive including all published Francken Vrij magazines.

Download latest edition Go to the archive

The latest news

29 Sep 2017 Posted by Steven Groen

Borel Borel Borel Distribution


This blog could not have been written if it weren’t for jolly Francken members, beer and Wikipedia. Bedrankt!

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon


Achtergrond: In een grote en veeleisende consumentenmarkt loopt Philips Drachten voorop in de ontwikkeling en fabricage van diverse hui...

21 Mar 2017 Posted by Board Buitengewoon

Fullerene and Polymer : Non-Fullerene acceptor solar cells: which is more stable under UV exposure?

Recently, non-fullerene acceptors have been developed, opening the door for what is known in the organic photovoltaics research community...


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