Register to be a Francken member

Will you be studying in Groningen and do you want to have a good time? Come and join our association.
At the cost of €5,- per year you can get free coffee and tea at our membersroom in the Nijenborgh 4 and join many of our activities which is a great way to get to know your fellow students!

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Step 2 / 4: Contact details

Each year we publish three issues of our popular science magazine the Francken Vrij. Once you've been registered we will sent you a printed copy whenever a new issue of our magazine is released. You will also receive our biweekly newsletter on your email informing you of events at our association and university.

Step 3 / 4: Study details

Although our association focusses on Applied Physics we also have members from other studies such as Physics, (applied) Mathematics, Astronomy and more. Additionally you might have enrolled for a double degree. We'd love to know more about your study as this will help us in organising relevant events for our members.

Step 4 / 4: Billing details

The membership fee at our association is €5,- per year. Additionaly there may be extra costs for you if you want to buy food and drinks in our membersroom or if you'd like to attend payed events.

We will use your IBAN number to automatically withdraw your expenses. Once your registration has been completed a board member will ask you to sign a form of consent to allow us to withdraw money from your account.

Don't have an IBAN number?

You can always submit your (new) IBAN number later in the year. However you won't be able to buy food and drinks from our streepsysteem.