Fraccie '20-'21

Posted on 04 Mar 2021

Hi, Fraccie here,

We are the activity committee of Francken!

We would've organized stuff like the jam session, klaverjastoernooi and the beach party. Sadly, we had to be creative this year. Instead of doing the on-site activities, we had to be creative to make the online events feel original and 'activity-like'. So we came up with some unique new events, which made the participants interact more than a usual online event. Although being in the Fraccie during corona is less social, it's more challenging to come up with events that meet the expectations of an on-site event. This made us come up with some original ideas that stuck in the participants' minds. Being in the Fraccie during the c-word means that you have to come up with some new ideas whilst keeping the Fraccie spirit alive!

All in all, doing this committee was a nice addition of fun to our daily lives.

Kind regards,

Thijs, Melvin, Eelco, Alwin, Robin, Thijs.

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