Looking Back at 2020

Posted on 16 Jan 2021

As 2020 has reached an end, it’s time we reflected on how we did as a study association. It was tough combating a crisis and making multiple plans for different scenarios, but it’s not all bad. We came through with our creativity in making new events that we never thought would happen. Charm was installed after 10 Ices were rolled in the middle of the GMA, plenty of sjaars showed up to showcase their cooking skills with making instant noodles, SLEF announced their locations through an online mystery hunt which involved tedious tasks, Borrelcie got the board to taste 12 special beers in one night, and Francken Friday lectures continued to be given with our specially brewed Gebouw 13.

I must admit that the committee of the semester was Fraccie. They proved that a lockdown does not have to be boring and that challenges can always be done. For that, I thank them and their lovely advertisements specifically made for their last event, the Limited Edition Online Francken Gameshow Deluxe XL.

The 36th board of T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ only hopes to continue with hosting events online with hope that 2021 is a better year for all of us. While we look for the 37th board that will succeed us, we hope that you look forward to meeting them in real life!

Written by

  • Melav Salih