Francken Vrij Online

Posted on 17 Dec 2020

At the I-GMA, the 36th board proposed to the association that, instead of printing and sending the Francken Vrij to all members, we give them the option of receiving the magazine physically or digitally. We would like to give members the opportunity to consider the proposal before we vote on giving members the option of receiving a physical or digital copy of the Francken Vrij at the next GMA. The next edition you receive will certainly be physical, and if the assembly votes in favour then you will be able to choose how you receive the magazine. It is likely you will make this choice via your Francken account, but this is still being worked out. You will receive an update on how this will be done with edition 25.1. We welcome you to voice any queries or concerns by sending an email to

Written by

  • Tabitha Minett