Le Tour de Streepsysteem

Posted on 29 Oct 2018


Hello dear Mooie Gek. Before you lies the second blog of the year. The occasion for this blog is a weird one. Some of you may have been there during the day or heard of the event in the aftermath. So what happened exactly? In short: Jeanne ate and drank all the products in our cantine and started a fundraising for 'Stichting 113'. In the end the association collected over 500 euro's, donated by 57 people. In the next few chapters you will read an in depth description about the experience and thoughts throughout the day. Some outsider notes from Leon are provided which he kept track of during the afternoon.

Flat - the uphill climb

Leon's perspective

Seeing Jeanne attempt to eat and drink everything I am thinking back of those times participating in the Tour de Francken. In other words you drink (and eat) way more than the capacity of a normal human being allows. In this case Jeanne had to consume over 6000 Kcal. This is more than 3 times the recommended amount of energy consumption for a female. Let's not calculate how much more sugar than recommended she consumed that day. So it's around 10 o'clock when it all begins. Her stomach is growling for food, which is a good sign. She did not eat anything since 17:00 the night before as a preparation. After discussing with some of the members she decides to start with the sweet stuff first because she thinks she will get fed up with that first.

Time trial - the sugar rush

Jeanne's perspective

It is 10 o'clock and I start the day with a discussion. Some members conclude that I should start of with the sweet snacks. So there I went, I started with a Starmix because I needed to consume something fast. Right after that I ate a Lion on which I broke my teeth. After glueing my teeth back together I continued on a Mars. The Mars was not as tasty as I expected. Now what is a breakfast without orange juice? I tried to wash away all the sweetness with an orange juice but this was sweet too. I just hoped it would be more sour. After my first sprint I feel very nauseous so I continue onto some coffee. There were only two options, Lavinato and Decaffinatio, easy choice right? Even though I had no idea what Lavinato is, I streeped it.

Hills - soda poppin'

Leon's perspective

12:15 After a short break she decides to start on all the kinds of soda and other soft drinks we have.

12:17 Time for some Sinas. After half a can I hear strange noises coming from her mouth. "How does the Sinas taste?" I ask. Jeanne: "I know that there is real sugar in here but it tastes like a bunch of chemical rubish". After the Sinas she eats a Twix which tastes very good since it wasn't out of the fridge. A new found perspective of positiveness is reached.

12:34 Jeanne: "I feel drunk from all the sugar, is that possible?!" This was followed by a burp.

12:50 After a short break she continues with Cassis. It tastes nice but her stomach doesn't really agree with it.

13:00 Jeanne opens a 'Goede morgen' drink, meanwhile the Cassis is still half full. Jeanne: "Everytime i start with something new I feel great but halfway through I feel like EEUUGGHGHHHHGHH. I think I will puke today but not because of the (alcoholic) drinks". After this she starts on a Bueno and starts sweating. Jeanne: "This is why I never eat chocolate".

14:30 After quite the struggle the Cassis is almost empty. Jeanne starts to mentally prepare to go climbing with Tamara and feels good and positive about the challenge.

Rietlay - an alcoholic ride with twists and turns

Leon's perspective

16:36 She's back from climbing and starts with the alcoholic chapter of this story. To celebrate this and to streep 2 items at the same time she decides to take a 'rietad' Dors. Of course I join her out of solidarity. The post rietad-tears are visible and it is a rough start to the alcoholic chapter.

16:38 Time for a Hertog Jan. "How's it going?", I ask. Jeanne, smiling: "I'm shaking a little". I think that is still from all the sugar.

16:45 "Leon, I'm now at the stage where I have to loosen my belt". "How's the Hertog?", I ask. "It tastes very sweet". I wonder how that's possible...

Intermediate sprint - Sugar rush, the reckoning

Jeanne's perspective

I have been postponing eating the Bros since the start of the day. Around 5 o'clock I gained the courage to eat it and tried to flush the taste away with a bag of M&M's, literally. Having consumed so much sugar I have the feeling I'm starting to hallucinate now, is that even possible? Hallucination or not, I had to continue. Next step, Oreo and milk. Great combo! Are combo's the way to tackle this? Surely not after I tried to combine Fristi and Chocomel. Never. Again.

Mountain - heavy duty with heavy drinks

Leon's perspective

17:44 The alcoholic journey continues after a short sugar break. It is time for the heavier stuff. To start it off she streeps a Texels Skuumkoppe. The Fristi/Chocomel combo is not completely gone yet, she saves a little for later.

18:00 It is at this time that Jeanne turns the fun challenge into a good cause. She decides she will be motivated enough to finish this challenge if it's for a good cause so she starts to pass around a list for donations to 'Stichting 113'.

18:20 It is time for our very own pride: A Gebouw 13 beer! At this point she cannot distinguish between different kinds of tastes in beers.

18:45 At this point in time the details of the evening start to become vague. I have to leave so I cannot make quotes and notes about the times anymore.

Mountain 2 - an epic journey through the specials

Jeanne's perspective

To be very honest, I have no idea what happened till the very last moment. I remember just sitting in the room and having several beers which all seemed to taste the same. So I will just continue onto the very last moment.

Final sprint - A thunderous ending

Jeanne's perspective

I had actually given up after 37 products. Only a La Chouffe, some soup and a Coca Cola were left but I couldn't handle any more fluids. When I was about to go home 'Thunderstruck' started playing and Piter invited me to play with him. Weirdly enough I accepted and managed (but nothing more than just managing) to finish the last three products in one game of Thunderstruck. I did it! You would think I felt very euphoric in this moment, well you're wrong. I had no idea what was going on.

The day after

However, the day after I did feel euphoric and started promoting the donation to 'Stichting 113'. I feel proud to say that the association has collected over 500 euros. At the moment of writing it is exactly 547.95 euros, donated by 58 wonderful people.

Now onto a more serious note: Stiching 113 is a foundation which raises awareness about suicide and takes your call if you are in need of help. You can visit their website for more information here: https://www.113.nl/. Do not hesitate to call if you need to! I would like to thank all people who have donated, and special thanks to Piter for playing Thunderstruck with me.

Again, thanks to all who have donated: Leon Trustram, Wim Drenthe, Melav Salih, Piter Annema, Tamara Kok, Thijs Niemeijer, Arjan Boerma, Gerben Hijlkema, Lars Bokkers, Mark Redeman, Alida van Hunnik and her mother, Emiel de Wit, Puck Planje, Thom Gerrits, Chantal Rikse, Su-Elle Kamps, Rosa de Graaff, Delân Çaglar, Steven Groen, Serte Donderwinkel, Chantal Kool, Milan Böhmer, Nikki Arendse, Callum Blair, Robert Mol, Bradley Spronk, Arjen Kramer, Olivier Gelling, Tom Bosma, Jacco Tilkema, Sibren Wobben, Irina Versteeg, Martijn Kluitenberg, Dijs de Neeling, Lina Wenting, Kristel Lok, Lyan Elbers, Sander Leusink, Nadalina Merkelijn, Merel Schouten, Jelle Bor, Anna Kenbeek, Ids Schiere, Joris Doting, Luca van Aefst, Carlos Bril, Sven Cats, Marit van Straaten, Willeke Mulder, Wouter Saat, Martijn Deinum, Mees Hoogland, Arne Hefting, Lisette Navarro-Ariëns, Laurens Even and Steven Hiemstra.

Product rankings

Product Rating Comment
Bros ★☆☆☆☆
M&M's ★★☆☆☆
Mars ★★☆☆☆
Twix ★★★★☆
Lion ★☆☆☆☆
Tosti ★★☆☆☆ Because it was a vlamtosti
Noodles ★★★★☆ Beef flavour
Chips ★★★★★
Doritos Bits ★★★★☆
Starmix ★★★☆☆
Doritos ★★★★★
Soup ★★★★★ Piter served it at the perfect temperature
Kinder Bueno ★★★☆☆
Stroopwafel ★★★☆☆
Oreo ★★★★☆ With milk
Oreo ★★★☆☆ Without milk
Chocomel ★☆☆☆☆
Fristi ★☆☆☆☆
Pepsi max ★★★☆☆
Cassis ★★★★☆
Appelsientje orange juice ★★★☆☆
Lipton green ★★★★★
Goedemorgen ★★★★☆
Buttermilk ★★★★★
Milk ★★☆☆☆
Nespresso ★★★☆☆
Straw ★★★★★
Sinas ★★★★☆
Coco cola ★★☆☆☆
Herton Jan ★★★★☆ Because it wasn't Grolsch
Gebouw 13 ★★★★☆
La chouffe ★★☆☆☆
Dors Tequila ☆☆☆☆☆
Dors ★★★★☆ Consumed with a straw
Amstel radler ★★★★☆
Chouffe Houblon ★★★☆☆
Muiffel USA IPA ★★★☆☆
Grolsch Weizen-IPA ★★★★★
Texels Skuumkoppe ★★★☆☆

Written by

  • Jeanne van Zuilen & Leon Trustram