Mark Redeman; Member of Merits

Posted on 01 Mar 2020

Dear Francken member,

As you might know, last Thursday Francken had it's Half yearly General members assemble. It is an honor to announce to everyone that during the GMA we decided to make Mark Redeman, unbeknownst to himself in advance, the second member of merits in the history of Francken! Mark has build Francken's entire website all by himself, rebuild/updated our entire stripe-system, and in general put an above average amount of time (to say it very euphemistic) into his voluntary work at Francken.

The board is very happy for Mark, and the association actually thought this should have been done way earlier. The problem was the Mark always shows up to every GMA. Therefore, it was really hard to have a discussion about this without Mark being there himself.

So, in name of the 35th board and the entire association: Thank you Mark!

Kind Regards,

The 35th board of T.F.V. 'Professor Francken'

Written by

  • Sibren Wobben