SHINE Technologies (SHINE) is working to design, license, procure, construct, and operate two first-of-a-kind medical isotope production facilities in southern Wisconsin, with plans to replicate the facility designs in the Netherlands (SHINE B.V.). SHINE is operating our therapeutic medical isotope start-up production facility in Janesville, Wisconsin with support from our Systems and Manufacturing division, which is based in Fitchburg, producing small batches of non-carrier-added lutetium-177 (Lu-177) for use in clinical trials and studies for killing cancer. Moving forward, we expect our second therapeutics plant to begin operations later this year, which will implement new technologies to enable a significant scale-up. The unique advantages of our Lu-177 production process include an exclusive processing technology, flexibility for irradiation, stable isotope enrichment capability, fewer logistical challenges in transport, and a cleaner and safer production method.