LVNL (Air traffic control the Netherlands)

Aviation connects the Netherlands with the world. Aviation is essential to the accessibility of the Netherlands with its dense population, and of its neighbouring countries. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands - LVNL - is responsible for the management of the civil airspace and everything that this involves. For example modernisation and management of technological systems, providing aeronautical information and air traffic control training and providing aeronautical maps and publications. For over 90 years, LVNL has been ensuring safe air traffic flows, in a professional and competent manner. We are proud to be the ones performing this responsible task.

Vigorous interaction in the chain of airport, government, airlines and air traffic control has made Schiphol one of the largest airports in the world, offering the highest quality service. Aviation is an important economic cornerstone of the Dutch economy. We have a strong sense of our co-responsibility for enabling aviation to continue developing safely.

LVNL is taking steps forward in further developing safety, efficiency and environmental measures. Sector South is the busiest sector of its operation, with added complexity on account of several separate traffic flows. Management of work load is paramount, and more insight leads to better control. This has led to improvements in airspace capacity and less delays.

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