Francken Vrij

One of the few regular events in the student lives of Francken members is the appearance of our popular science magazine Francken Vrij. It comes out three times a year and will have its 26th volume this academic year. Each edition contains some regular physics columns, looking for instance at one of the Applied Physics departments at the University of Groningen. There is also space devoted to the Association’s activities, such as the field trips and drinks parties organized by the committees.

The Francken Vrij is written by both the editorial team and the members. Any member can contribute by writing an article and sending it in to

The latest edition and older editions of the Francken Vrij can be found here.

In 2001 the first fully printed issue of Francken Vrij was published and the print run increased from 350 to 500. The print run has now doubled, owing to the growth of the Association: since 2011 it stands at 1,000 copies. Over the years the layout has changed a good deal, the latest update being in 2009 (Volume 14), making the magazine even more enjoyable to read. The content has also grown along with the increase in the number of members and departments, with over 36 well-filled pages to read in every issue now. Some pages in the T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ magazine provide advertising space. If you are interested, please contact the T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ board.

Committee members

  • Sibren Wobben
  • Amy Kerdijk
  • Emiel de Wit
  • Leon Trustram
  • Sjoukje de Jong
  • Ian Soede