The brewing committee found her origin in a group beer oriented Franckenmembers. Add to the idea of brewing a beer a hint of 'just do it' and it won't take long before a simmering caldron appears on the stove and you have a committee called the Brouwcie. Since its creation the committee has kept on advancing; improving equipment, automating the brewing installation and increasing knowledge. All of that to get the best tasting Gebouw 13 beer.

To describe the beer one has to know what motivates the creation of it. We believe the study of Applied Physics is an important contribution. Its is however the location that binds us all together. For many years Nijenborgh is a place where there's always coffee ready, there's someone ready to play Klaverjas and after 4 coffee is exchanged for beer. All of this makes a building with an atmosphere not every pub can live up to. The beer of the Brouwcie is therefore an ode to this beautifull place, an ode to the scientists who work there and an ode to the students who study there. An ode to Building 13...

Committee members

  • Piter Annema
  • Gerben Hijlkema
  • Jeanne van Zuilen
  • Lars Bokkers
  • Bo Gruppen
  • Anna Kenbeek
  • Marcel Verkade