The Borrelcie. Yeah … how do you say? One takes 17 members, one takes Hina, one forgets Hina and one has a Borrelcie. It adds a dash of old presidents, and one has a recognized amount reeëlheid. But what does it all do? One takes the Bauhaus. You take the vodka. You take the tour. One takes the website. One takes One takes pw: kradtjes. You take a bitterball. One takes another 999. It has a Fom. It stamps said things. They sing high. Now I do believe they sing. They sing Borrelcie. And so it happened.

Apart from the drinks parties it is the Party Committee that makes sure the fridge in the Room is always stocked up with snacks for members, and after the party there is a cool beer for everyone. If you have any suggestions on what should be kept in the fridge, e-mail

Committee members

  • Tim Zuidema
  • David Dijkman
  • Wouter Haarman
  • Stefan Daniel Dorde
  • Camiel Koning
  • Daniil Pogiba
  • Emma Giovinazzo
  • Julian Bernat
  • Marcel Verkade
  • Matias Santacruz Vallejo
  • Puck Planje
  • Rosa de Graaff
  • Séamus Ó Muirthile
  • Siem Kuijpers
  • Adriana van Harten
  • Aylan Kaya