Activities in November '18

  • 01
    Practice Session: Calculus 1 by T.F.V. 'Professor Francken' and Sirius A

    01 November at 10:00 5118.-156, 5118.-152
  • 13
    Karakterborrel (Buixie destination announcement borrel)

    13 November at 21:00 Café Jut & Jul, Rademarkt 5, 9711 CS Groningen, Nederland
  • 16
    Members weekend

    16 - 18 November at 17:00
  • 22
    Karting with the sportcie

    Do you also love everything on wheels containing a motor? Time to get your adrenaline pumping in a kart competition with your fellow Francken mooie gekken! At 19:00 o'clock your (optional) ordered burgers are ready and at 20:30 we depart to the kart circuit where everyone gets a warm up of 8 minutes, 20 minutes of karting and 10 minutes of extra karting for the 10 fastest drivers. The champions will be honoured with medals and champagne, so no reason not to join us!

    22 November at 20:00 Kartracing & Bowling Groningen, Kardingerweg 50, 9735 AH Groningen, Netherlands
  • 27

    The Borrelcie is organising another night of unlimited free bitterbals and vegetarian snacks for the vegetarians. Are you the next person to eat 100 bitterballs in one night?

    27 November at 17:00
  • 29
    FSE Career Day

    29 November at 09:00
  • 30

    On this VrijMiBo Marten Koopmans will talk about his research. The title of his talk is "How to use device simulations for experimentail gain in perovskite solar cells". Come enjoy his talk and some 'Beenham'.

    30 November at 17:00 Francken room