Activities in January '18

  • 11
    Buixie Promotion Borrel

    Are you considering to subscribe for this year's Buixie to Portugal? Would you like to get more information on this foreign excursion? The committee is presenting their plans on Thursday January 11 from 17:00 o'clock in the Francken room. The foreign excursion committee is looking forward to telling you more about this amazing trip!

    11 January at 17:00 Franckenroom
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    Have you always wanted to hear a fellow Franckenmember speak at a VrijMiBo? Then you're in luck! On January 12, Chris van Ewijk will tell us all about his thesis on "Alignment sensitivity of reflective optical elements and analysis of automated alignment methods." Some snacks will be provided. See you on January 12 at 17:00!

    12 January at 17:00 Franckenroom
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    Sjaars Dinner

    A sjaars can the wash doen, but a sjaars can also cook a three course meal! Let the Sjaarscie (First Years' Committee) surprise you with a delicious Irish themed meal. So are you sick of being bullied by them elderly, and do you want to have a nice dinner with your fellow first year students? Sign up on the Franckendoor for the First Years' dinner! Only €3.50 p.p!

    16 January at 17:00 Franckenroom
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    Karakterborrel: Symposium Theme Announcement

    This is the Karakterborrel you've been waiting for, since the Symposium Committee is going to announce this year's theme! Come by to celebrate the new year with your fellow students! Of course, for this festive occasion, there will be a free fust! We hope to see you at Café Jut en Jul on Tuesday January 16 from 22:00 o'clock. Of course you are all welcome at the Freshmen Dinner beforehand!

    16 - 17 January at 22:00 Café Jut & Jul, Rademarkt 5, 9711 CS Groningen, Netherlands
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    Ice Skating

    Are you sick of being "iced" by your fellow Franckenmembers all the time? Or are you as smooth as ice, but tired of picking up boys and girls at the Karakterborrel? Then pick up your ice skates and come join the Sportcie on the smooth ice of Kardinge. 

    We will gather at the Franckenroom on January 18 at 16:45 and cycle toSportcentrum Kardinge together. The clinic by G.S.S.V. Tjas will cost €2,50 and you can rent ice skates for €6,-! Sign up on the Franckendoor!  

    18 January at 16:45 Sportcentrum Kardinge Kardingerplein 1, 9735 AA Groningen, Nederland
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    Practice Session Statistical Physics

    22 January at 10:00 5118.-152, 5118.-156
  • 25
    Practice Session Mechanics & Relativity 1b

    25 January at 10:00 5118.-152, 5118.-156 and 5118.-149
  • 26
    Practice Session Waves & Optics

    26 January at 10:00 5118.-152 and 5118.-149
  • 29
    Practice Session Linear Algebra

    29 January at 13:00