Activities in May '18

  • 02
    Symposium: Power From Within

    This year the theme of our symposium is 'Power from within'. Our speakers will focus on various topics within nuclear power. These topics are currently hot issues in the field of (Applied) Physics and could benefit us greatly, today and in the near future. Get to know more about 'Nuclear Power' and its applications. And listen to our diverse group of speakers who will talk about e.g., nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, and future applications. If that wasn't enough reason to come to our symposium, there will be a superb lunch and there will also be spherical 'kroketten' at your disposal. You can now sign up at We will begin to announce the speakers soon, so tell Facebook you are interested in this event. Hope to see you on the 2nd of May!

    02 May at 09:00 Van Swinderen Huys
  • 07
    Su-Elle jarig

    07 - 08 May
  • 08
    Best of Borrelcie

    08 May at 17:00 Franckenroom
  • 11
    Hitchhiking competition

    11 - 14 May
  • 11
    PLANCKS 2018

    11 - 14 May Zagreb, Croatia
  • 16
    Lunch lecture: Demcon

    On Wednesday May 16, Ludo Cornelissen will give a lunch lecture about DEMCON, a high-end technology supplier that develops innovative and complex systems. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Ludo and his colleagues work on systems ranging from high-tech and industrial systems & vision to medical, embedded, optomechatronic and unmanned systems. In his lecture, Ludo explains how and why he ended up working for DEMCON, after getting his MSc in Applied Physics at the TU Delft and his PhD in nanoscience at the RUG. In addition, he will illustrate the diverse technical challenges DEMCON has to offer by giving examples of recent projects. This should give you an idea of the kind of job you, as a physicist, could expect to have at DEMCON.

    16 May at 12:00 5113.0202
  • 17
    Pitch & putt

    It’s always fun to hang around at Francken and drink beer, but at a certain point you have to do some exercise, which can be boring. This is where the Sportcie comes in! We combine what is good for you with entertainment to better your lifestyle. After the success of our day of skiing, our next activity is without a doubt going to be awesome. On May 17 we are going to play Golf at Kardinge, and you can join us for about €10,- for 9 holes of pitching and putting. Signing up can be done in the Franckenkamer on the list. We will gather at 16:45 at Francken and the activity will take up about two hours including cycling, so make sure you are not too hungry in advance. Afterwards we will most likely go for dinner in the city, of course at your own expense.

    17 May at 16:45 Sportcentrum Kardinge, Kardingerplein 1, 9735 AA Groningen, Netherlands
  • 18

    On May 19, Simon Kahmann from the research group of Maria Loi, focussing on 'Photophysics and Optoelectronics', will give a talk about his research. Come to the Francken room from 17:00 to hear more about 'trap states in lead sulphide colloidal quantum dots solids'. Some snacks will be provided!

    18 May at 17:00 Franckenroom
  • 22

    This will be already the last Karakterborrel of the 33rd board of T.F.V. 'Professor Francken'. For old time's sake there will be a piekfust. Join us from 21:00 at Café Jut en Jul!

    22 May at 21:00 Café Jut & Jul, Rademarkt 5, 9711 CS Groningen, Netherlands
  • 25
    Members Weekend

    The second and last Members Weekend of the year is nearing! From Friday May 25 until Sunday May 27 we will stay near the beautiful city of Bakkeveen and enjoy the surrounding nature and (hopefully) beautiful weather. Subscribe for €33,- including food and drinks on the list in the Francken room. And hurry, as only a few spots are still available.

    25 - 28 May Houtwâl 11, 9243 KC Bakkeveen
  • 29
    Active Members Activity

    29 - 30 May
  • 31
    Beach Party

    On May 31 the Beach Party will take place for the second time. The first time was a great success, including a barbecue by the Fraccie, drinks by the Borrelcie, beach volleyball by the Sportcie and an international twist due to the Intercie. Come to this event on Thursday May 31 from 17:00 until 22:00 o'clock located at the Hoornseplas. You can subscribe now for only €7,50 on the list in the Francken room or online at

    31 May at 17:00 Groningen, Hoornseplas, 9728 Groningen, Netherlands