Activities in June '20

  • 03

    There it is: The final moments you can enjoy the work of board Nuclear. After today we'll only operate in the shadows. This evening the candidate-board(s) will present their policy plan(s) for the next year. If you are interested in the future of Francken for the coming year, then there will be a seat free for you. Deze afspraak bevat een videogesprek. Deelnemen:

    03 - 04 June at 19:00
  • 04
    Online pub quiz met Procam

    04 June at 16:00
  • 11
    Ranking the Stars

    Who's the most likely to be late to a funeral? Or become president? Join your fellow Francken members in ranking "who is most likely to...?". Sign up here: and be ready at 20:00 on Discord!

    11 June at 20:00
  • 12
    Practice Session: Numerical Mathematics

    12 June at 10:00 Discord
  • 15
    Practice Session: Electricity and Magnetism 2

    15 June at 10:00 Discord
  • 16
    Practice Session: Structure of Matter (2)

    16 June at 14:00 Discord
  • 18
    Practice Session: Mathematical Physics

    18 June at 10:00 Discord
  • 22
    Webinar Nedap University

    22 June at 13:00