Activities in May '20

  • 01
    Coding Crash Course

    Would you like to join the Crash & Compile competition on the 8th of May, but are you not yet confident enough in your coding skills? Then fear not because we will be organizing an online coding crash course on Friday the 1st of May where we will help you get started with solving problems. The crash course starts with a short talk about principles of programming and shows how one can use Python to solve simple programming assignments. The types of problems we will discuss are going to be simple, like the starter questions asked at the Crash & Compile. The talk will be focused on Python, but we will also provide reference materials and solutions for other programming languages such as Julia and JavaScript. After the talk we will provide you with a set of exercises, all related to the game of Klaverjas, and help you setup your coding tools so that you'll ready for
    your first ever Crash & Compile! We will begin on Friday 1st of May at 19:00 on the Discord server.
    Join us on the franckendiscord:

    01 May at 19:00 Online via Discord
  • 07

    Can't wait to show off your artistic skills? Here's your chance! Join us for Pictionary on May 7th, starting at 20:00. You can sign up here: and we will send you an email just before the start of the event with a link to join the game.

    07 May at 20:00 Online
  • 08
    Crash and Compile

    Next Friday we will be organizing the online Crash & Compile. In the [#announcements]( channel you can find the challenges that your team can prepare for. Register your team in the [#registration]( discord channel and start preparing so that you can win those beloved anytimers on the candidate board members. The deadline for registration is next Thursday. If you'd like to join the competition but haven't found a team yet, make sure to let this be known on Discord. To help you prepare we have gathered a couple of resources to boost your programming skills. ## Learning resources - Exercism is an online website that helps you learn new programming languages by completing coding challenges and getting feedback from mentors. - Hackerrank is an online platform that helps you prepare for coding interviews by completing exercises in a range of topics related to computer science. - Project Euler is a well known website among Crash & Compile veterans as it has many similar exercises which are a great way to improve your problem solving skills. Got stuck on an exercise or don't know how to setup a local programming environment? Then consider asking for help in our [#coding-crash-course]( Discord channel. ## Practice exercises for the Crash & Compile To help you practice for the Crash & Compile we have prepared some practice exercises in the context of our favorite game: Klaverjas. ### Played klaverjas hands Given a list of hands ([download them here]( try to answer the following questions. - How many times did a team go wet? - What is the average amount of honor earned in 1 hand? - How many times did a team earn a "Pit"? - How many times did a player won a trick using a 7? Each hand in the text file contains the following information: - The first line contains the dealer, so that the player after the dealer may come out first. - The second line contains the bid and the team playing said bid for instance: "Wij: 102H" means player 0 or player 2 bid 102 Hearts "Zij: 100Sans" means player 1 or player 3 bid 100 Sans - The lines below the bid contain the tricks played during said hand. Here the first column contains cards played by player 0, the second column contains cards played by player 1, the third column contains cards played by player 2 and the fourth (last) column contains cards played by player 3. You may assume that a player did not verzaak and everyone follows the Francken klaverjas rules. ## Other interesting Klaverjas questions ### Determine the odds of receiving a sorted hand ### If a team plays sans and a player plays random cards from their hand, what is the change that they won't verzaak?

    08 May at 20:00
  • 13
    Francken Symposium 2020

    Dear Members,

    As many of you know we had to cancel our symposium on 'Cognitive Matters'... But you will not have to be sad about this anymore! Together with Innovatiecluster Drachten I'm organizing a online symposium for you as replacement of the annual symposium.
    So, you'll still need to keep the 13th of May free in your agenda!

    We'll have a small symposium with two theme's; Philips and Stork will tell something about 3D metal printing and one/two other companies (we are still working on it) will tell us about All electric propulsion. Besides that there will be a fun pub quiz as interlude.
    More information will follow later!

    Hope to see you there

    13 May at 13:00
  • 15
    Vrijmibo by dr. Rifka Vlijm

    Join us on Discord for our next Francken Friday Lecture, hosted by dr. Rifka Vlijm, Assistant Professor in Molecular Biophysics. The talk will start t 17:00 and here you can read a summary of what the talk will be about: "Stop those evil cloners! how beating an old physics formula opens up many doors in our attempt to study life. I will tell the story of what got me into physics, how I wandered through several topics, and how all of this experience now comes together in my new group within the Molecular Biophysics unit. In our lab we use Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy to study protein structures in the cell nucleus. Our main focus is on cell division. Cell division is an extremely dynamic process, and errors in this phase of the cell cycle have far-reaching consequences. Studying the protein dynamics at relevant scale is not trivial, as the dynamical interplay is at scales much smaller than the diffraction limit of light, and thus beyond the reach of traditional microscopes. Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) microscopy on the other hand does allow imaging with a resolution of 30-40 nanometres even in cells."

    15 May at 17:00 Online via discord
  • 21
    S.L.E.F. Mystery Hunt

    This CRAZY 88 inspired online game will see two teams compete in all kinds of original challenges. Captain Canada and Captain America will head their teams to see which North American country is harder, better, faster, stronger.

    Do you want to experience a bit of S.L.E.F. from the comfort of your home? Do you want to see what sort of crazy challenges North America has to offer? Do you want to have an action-packed evening to forget about that flipping virus?

    21 May at 18:00
  • 29
    Klaverjas tournament

    Due to Mark we can still play klaverjas together via But what is better than playing together? Competing against each other! Today we will host a Klaverjas tournament. You can sign-up your team via the following link:

    29 May at 19:00