Fullerene and Polymer : Non-Fullerene acceptor solar cells: which is more stable under UV exposure?

Posted on 21 Mar 2017

Recently, non-fullerene acceptors have been developed, opening the door for what is known in the organic photovoltaics research community as all polymer (non-fullerene) solar cells. The focus so far has been on the power conversion efficiency which is now beyond 11 %. We intend to study in this project the stability (UV-degradation, ambient and/or thermal degradation) of this type of solar cells and compare them to that of fullerene based solar cells using the same polymer(s) but different acceptors.

For this master project, first the student must have basic knowledge of organic solar cells and must be ready to work both in the cleanroom environment, making solar cells, and measurement lab, where all equipment are readily available, for their characterisation.

MSc Research Project (Suitable for Applied Physics)
Expected Time : ~ months
Daily supervisor: ~ (Photophysics and Optoelectronics Group)
Supervisor: dr. Jan Anton Koster

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  • Board Buitengewoon