ASML Workshop with FMF

ASML case evening

Join us on Tuesday 25th of april for a case evening from ASML. We will do 2 cases and there will be free dinner! The cases will be held in NB 5118.-156 and NB 5118.-156, and it will be from 16:00-20:00 including a dinner break. Please bring your own laptop. The cases will be about the following:

Problem solving in practice: The curious case of (lens) fingerprints


ASML creates machines with very advanced lens, and use that to print very fine lines, spaces and dots on a wafer, layer by layer. If there is any shift between these layers, that shift is described as “Overlay”, and minimizing that can be very challenging… even when using world-class optics, as you will learn during this physics hands-on! Sign up here:


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April 25th 16:00
April 25th 20:00