Francken Auction

Francken has a lot of beautiful items and services which take up space in our great Francken room. Take this unique chance to get your hands on one of these items on the 26th of October! The highest bidder will get the best items they auctioned for at the sportsbar at ACLO. A percentage of the final price will go to charity! Of the Francken items, 80% of the final price will go to charity.

The items being auctioned can be viewed here: 

Members can also action their own items, so please register these items with us before the end of the week using the form:

To vote on the charity, please use this form:

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About this event

October 26th 17:00
October 26th 22:00
Registration deadline
October 26th 17:00
ACLO Sportcentrum, Blauwborgje 16, 9747 AC Groningen, Netherlands


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