The Freshmen Committee is made up entirely of freshmen. This brand new group of Francken members organises the annual freshmen party and a dinner for their fellow freshmen. This way they get familiar with organising activities and get the knowledge that can be used later in bigger committees.

Committee members

Photo of Tim Zuidema
Tim Zuidema
Photo of Robin van der Bijl
Robin van der Bijl
Photo of Thijs Jonker
Thijs Jonker
Photo of Melvin Mijnlieff
Melvin Mijnlieff
Photo of Eelco Obdeijn
Eelco Obdeijn
Photo of Jordan Melvin
Jordan Melvin
Photo of Tadhg Ó Suilleabhain
Tadhg Ó Suilleabhain
Photo of Sofia Llacer caro
Sofia Llacer caro
Photo of Jelmer de Laat
Jelmer de Laat
Photo of Maikel Veld
Maikel Veld
Photo of Matt Smith
Matt Smith