Francken has had its own server since 2007. This hosts the website, the files of the board, committees and members, and music. The Compucie, or the Computer Committee, is responsible for keeping the server and the board’s and members’ workstations up and running.

If you’re interested in being in the Computer Committee this year, email to

Committee members

Photo of Friso Wobben
Friso Wobben
Photo of Anton Jansen
Anton Jansen
Photo of Tom Bosma
Tom Bosma
Photo of Lars Bokkers
Lars Bokkers
Photo of Jeanne van Zuilen
Jeanne van Zuilen
Photo of Mark Redeman
Mark Redeman
Photo of Rutger Haan
Rutger Haan
Photo of Piter Annema
Piter Annema
Photo of Sibren Wobben
Sibren Wobben