FFL: Patrick van der Wel

Patrick van der Wel, head of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) spectroscopy research group, will host a lecture on the 16th of February(17:00-18:00) about the research in his group in the Francken Members room(5113.0002).

He will first introduce the topic of NMR spectroscopy. Then Van der Wel will dive into some of the more specific focusses of his research group. He will focus on its use to examine molecular-level structure and dynamics in bio-materials, nano-materials and biological samples. He will especially discuss how we use specific NMR (RF) pulse sequences to detect the presence of atomic-level motion based on its effect on the nuclear spins.  Finally, Van der Wel will discuss how our NMR-derived insights help us understand the molecular origins of human diseases, including cancers, Huntington’s disease and Barth syndrome. 

Please consider attending. Free beer/drinks with complementary snacks will be provided and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions.


About this event

February 16th 17:00
February 16th 18:00
Francken Members Room(5113.0002)