Francken Friday Lecture: Professor Giuntoli

Come and listen to the informative Borrellecture given by Andrea Guintoli

All models are wrong: the art of computational materials modeling.

Computer modeling is an established method to extract knowledge from systems that are too complex to investigate experimentally. Computer or not, models are always simplified representations of Nature, and choosing the right model often remains an art. The design of new nanomaterials in particular often involves a mix of disciplines, physical principles, and spatiotemporal scales. The correct choice of a computational model in this context can lead to very different simulation results, from critically insightful to extremely useless. 

In this lecture, we will discuss the role of computational models in the design of (nano)materials: how physical principles are implemented in computational models, what scientific questions should computational modeling address, and fancy games we can play with a mix of thought experiments and machine learning tools.

Some free drinks and snacks are included!


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November 24th 17:00
November 24th 18:00