Members weekend

It's time! The biyearly members weekend, 25-27 November. What a time to be alive. Cancel all your plans and make some time for this wonderful weekend, because Klok is in the air. We’ll make it a timeless weekend. There are only 45 spots total, so sign up quickly, the Klok is ticking! If all spots are gone, send a message to Melvin, +31637559462, for a spot on the waiting list.

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  • Puck Planje 3 weeks ago

    Hoi. Mijn dieetwensen zijn pils en bier.

  • Jelle Bor 2 weeks ago

    Zuipen zuipen zuipen, roken, zuipen zuipen zuipen

About this event

November 25th 16:00
November 27th 13:00
Registration deadline
November 25th 16:00
€ 40.00
The Strubben Group accommodation and camping, Hoofdstraat 4, 9443 TJ Schoonloo, Netherlands


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