Ice skating with Francken

Want to be ready for when the canals freeze over? Do you feel the excitement for a potential 'Elfstedentocht'? Or maybe you want to get some last minute practice for the Olympic winter games? 

During this event you'll get the perfect opportunity to improve your skills on the ice. In collaboration with Tjas (the students ice skating association of Groningen), we'll get an hour long ice skating clinic in the speed skating rink of Groningen. 

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Keep in mind:

  • Be there on time, so you have time to hire and or put on your skates;
  • It is mandatory to wear gloves for protection (and to keep your hands warm), any decent pair will suffice;
  • If you cannot bring your own pair of 'noren' (or ice speed skates), you can hire them at the location. The costs will be on Francken. Note that for the clinic it is mandatory to skate on noren.
  • You need to show identification and a QR code in the CoronaCheck app.

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About this event

January 20th 17:30
January 20th 18:30
Registration deadline
January 18th 17:00
Sportcentrum Kardinge, Kardingerplein 1, 9735 AA Groningen, Netherlands


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