Francken Friday Lecture: Dennis de Wal

The future is flat: How playing with 2 dimensional "nano-lego" makes the future.

In his famous 1959 lecture ‘There is plenty of room at the bottom’, Richard Feynman asked ‘What could we do with layered structures with just the right layers?’. Now, 60 years later, we are getting close to answering that question. In our quest, we are assisted by the group of van der Waals materials, layered structures that can be easily exfoliated to individual atomically thin two-dimensional layers. These low dimensional systems are peculiar in nature, showing new physics and creating unique properties. Their ‘flatness’ also allows different van der Waals materials to be
stacked with almost countless possibilities, forming a heterostructure of stacked ‘lego-pieces’. These nanostructures revolutionize (spin based) nanoelectronics in, for example, memory and logic applications, forming energy-efficient devices of ultimate thinness. Altogether, this forms an alluring and amusing playground for electronics and spintronics and beyond.

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December 11th 17:00
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