ZIAM Lab tour

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Available labs:
- Petra Rudolf: Prof. Petra Rudolf, her PhD students and postdoc will give you a quick tour of the Surfaces and Thin Films group's experimental facilities located at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials. They pursue research projects which explore both the basic properties of novel materials and their applications in future optoelectronics, environmental remediation, hydrogen storage and drug delivery. Prof. Rudolf will show you around and 4 young researchers will each pitch their project.
- Maxim Pchenitchnikov: Prof. Pchenitchnikov's group uses ultrafast laser-spectroscopy to study the dynamics of various materials.
- Rifka Vlijm: This group uses Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy to study protein structures in the cell nucleus. Their main focus is on cell division.
- Patrick Onck: Research Prof. Onck's group aims at understanding the micromechanical and functional behavior of (biological) materials based on an accurate description of the underlying (bio-) physical mechanisms. Computational techniques are being used to explicitly account for the physical mechanisms at the relevant length scales.


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November 4th 13:00
November 4th 15:30