neewollaH party [CANCELLED]

Ey wollah! Niffos and niffas. The Borrelcie is hosting a special evening at Sunny Beach themed NeewollaH. The evening where you can dress up and let loose the gangster you know you could have been if only you hadn't decided to go through with school when you were 13. Whether you have always wanted to be a Peaky Blinder, grow up in a Detroit street gang or impersonate an Italian mobster. This is your night. We slipped the place some donnies so everyone can get a free drink or two. The tap is loose at 19:00 and will stop pouring around 22:00. We expect the night to be great fun so sign up quickly on the Francken website!

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About this event

October 13th 19:00
October 13th 22:00
Registration deadline
October 13th 19:00
Sunny Beach, Peperstraat 31, 9711 PC Groningen, Netherlands


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