Karakterborrel - 1st Round

On September 22nd board 'Charm' will hold their first Karakterborrel at Gelkinge 9! To allow more people to join we decided to split the events in two rounds so sign up for which ever time slot suits you best. During each round we will offer 50 free beers.

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  • Natalie Klaudie Koscelanska 3 years ago

    Hi, probably stupid question, still new to the association - what is Karakterborrel?

  • Emma Giovinazzo 3 years ago

    Hi! at Francken a karakterborrel is a social drinking activity (borrel) at an external location, in the case, Gelkinge 9, which usually also includes some free beer.

  • Su-Elle Kamps 3 years ago

    The name comes from the pub called Café Karakter, where these drinking activities used to take place.

About this event

September 22nd 20:30
September 22nd 23:00
Registration deadline
September 22nd 20:30
Gelkinge 9, Gelkingestraat 9, 9711 NA Groningen, Netherlands


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