Francken Friday Lecture (Change of Speaker)

Join us on the 11th of September at Grand Cafe Time Out for our next Francken Friday Lecture, hosted by Koen Houtsma, about the on-surface synthesis and characterization of graphene nanoribbons. The talk will start at around 17:30, to give everyone time to reach the Cafe after their lectures. Here you can read a summary of what the talk will be about: Graphene is an exciting material due to its excellent electronic properties, such as exceptionally high electron mobility. Graphene is a semimetal and so does not have a band gap, which makes it unsuitable for some applications such as in a field-effect device. One can introduce a band gap into graphene by cutting it into narrow strips, a graphene nanoribbon (GNR). For one decade now, it is possible to synthesize atomically precise GNRs on metallic surfaces. Since then, the research on atomically precise GNRs has grown exponentially. The speaker will go over important developments in the field, as well as their own research. In addition, they will briefly discuss the workings of our instrumentation, the scanning tunneling microscope.

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  • Jeanne van Zuilen 3 years ago

    Does it start at 17:00 sharp? Bit tight with lectures

  • Emma Giovinazzo 3 years ago

    The talk will realistically start at around 17:15-17:30 to give people the time to get there, but more information will follow soon.

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