If you could choose one thing you miss the most about high school, then at least 50% of you would say “apenkooien”, the best dutch high school gymnastics game. On March 11th, we offer you the opportunity to play this game once again; the sportcie will take you back in time! Between 17:00 and 19:00, we will play apenkooien in a sporthall in Vinkhuizen. We gather at Francken around 16:40 and then cycle towards the location. We know you all want to play this game, so save the date and sign up on the Franckendoor! This activity is free!

Bonus promo:

“Kom naar de activiteit. Groetjes Sportcie [basketball emoij]” - Piter

“Mis je die goede oude tijd dat alles makkelijker was nou ook zo erg, kom dan middelbare schoolgym doen met de sportcie. Léâh” - Ids Schiere

“Ben je dik? Ga eens sporten! Dat kan 11 Maart” - Bradley Spronk


ACTIVITY: Apenkooien

DATE: 11-3-2020

TIME: 17:00-19:00 (gather in the Franckenroom around 16:40)

LOCATION: Agaatstraat 16 (Vinkhuizen), Groningen

PRICE: free



About this event

March 11th 17:00
March 11th 19:00
Agaatstraat 16, 9743 HW Groningen, Netherlands