Jeanne & Emiel's (anti-)Valentine's Borrel

Did you also forget that this Friday it is Valentine's day? Forgot to make a reservation at an expensive restaurant for you and your chick? Is the necklace you ordered lost in the mail? No money for roses? Do not have a chick? Is your chick imaginary?

Emiel and Jeanne bring you a solution to all your romantic problems: The Valentine borrel! This friday we will provide you with orgydeeen, roses, popcorn and the Notebook, spin the bottle, speedadten, the Titanic door, tissues and chocolate!

So are you still looking for a date? Find him or her in the Franckenroom!

Did not plan a date yet? Come to the Franckenroom!

The borrel will start around 5, see you there!


the Valentijncie


About this event

February 14th 17:00
February 14th 22:00
NB 5113.0002