De Nederlandsche Bank

Leading the way, 24 hours a day

At De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) we work continuously to protect the financial security of millions of Dutch citizens. We do that in all kinds of ways, for example by supervising financial institutions so that you can continue to borrow and save safely. And to ensure that pensions can be paid.

Professionalism versus respect

To do our work properly, we have to be rigorously businesslike. We take our responsibilities and collaborate at national and international level. The same applies within the organisation. We think it's important to believe in your choices and to be able to defend them. You treat colleagues with respect, but you are not afraid to hold them accountable for their conduct and results. Because ultimately we all want to grow together and become even better at what we do.

We need you

Whether you are currently on an internship, working as a trainee or as a starter making your first risk analyses, what you can do and who you are, are always of paramount importance for us. At DNB you can make the difference in your own way at the nerve centre of our economy. To help you do that, you will be given lots of responsibility and will be doing work that really counts. That doesn't mean we are only looking for the cleverest people. Being clever doesn't mean so much to us unless it’s accompanied by commitment, mentality, creativity and decisiveness.

Develop your talent and knowledge

We set high standards if you want to come and work with us. But that doesn't mean that you have already reached your peak. At DNB you will have the opportunity to deepen and broaden your knowledge further. At least, if you display the necessary commitment and drive to do so. You can for example put together your own training pathway and take part in the various training programmes offered bij the DNB Academy and within the European System of Central Banks.

Something in return

And we don't just mean your salary, end-of-year bonus or holiday pay, but also flexibility in your working hours and all the other facilities that go with the New World of Work. There’s an extensive package of fringe benefits, including collective health insurance and an excellent pension scheme. And you can also use our own internal sports facilities.

Traineeship: learn about us from the inside

Future graduate professionals have an opportunity to learn an unbelievable amount in a two-year traineeship with us. You will be thrown straight in at the deep end, working on projects and focusing on the heart of the matter. You will get to know DNB from the inside, whilst at the same time bringing out the very best in yourself.

From internship to graduation

You're also welcome here as a student. Several departments within DNB offer traineeships and graduation internships. If you don't see an internship on our site that appeals to you, but have formulated an interesting assignment, let us know about it. We are always open to people with good initiatives. If possible, we'll help you along the way and ensure that there is a place for you with us.

More information

If you'd like more information, contact Ellis Karels, campus recruiter, on +31 (0)20 524 2187 or mail to You can read more about traineeships, our vacancies, internships and events at You can also apply online there.