A Franckenmember is supposed to be in good condition. Fortunately there is a committee that takes responsibility for this. The Fraccie takes care of the state of our ears, eyes, minds, livers and senses, so that our Franckenmembers remain their beauty. The Fraccie is a fun committee with frequent meetings. The Fraccie organises a lot of activities for the members of Francken. Those are activities like movie nights, jam sessions, the poker competition, christmas dinner. Keep an eye on the posters and sign up at the website.

Committee members

Photo of Sven Cats
Sven Cats
Photo of Jada Tijssen
Jada Tijssen
Photo of Su-Elle Kamps
Su-Elle Kamps
Photo of Raphaël Ashraf
Raphaël Ashraf
Photo of Leah Dijkshoorn
Leah Dijkshoorn
Photo of Stijn Feringa
Stijn Feringa